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Welcome to our Friends area, just for the Friends of the Center. Here you will find a gallery of images and a selection of articles and news items.

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New Board Officers Elected at February 24, 2011 Meeting read article

"Through the Looking Glass" David Kesner exhibition read article

Claudia Kunin "3D Holy Ghost Stories" If you won't make it to Portland to see this show, visit the Gallery section to see several anaglyph images from the exhibition read article

Simon Bell - "Stereojets: Travels in the Third Dimension" Simon Bell's recent exhibition at the Center.   read article

3D Center improvements In recent months the Center has done some space improvements including the addition of a window box, brightly lit 24 hours a day, acting as an introduction to the Center to casual passersby. read article

Rick Gibson exhibition Highlights from Rick Gibson's recent exhibition. read article

Talking 3D Comics An interview with Ray Zone. read article